Business Grade Secure Mobile Communication for Enterprise, Government and Telco Service Providers

Xreach Communicate is a closed platform that secures your organisation’s mobile communication so that only authorised users can communicate with intended recipients.
Unlike most messaging apps Xreach Communicate sends data through your company’s own data infrastructure rather than through consumer or 3rd party cloud messaging systems.

Easy to Use

– Access your private network through a single app for secure chat, phone calls, video calls, location and file share
– Highly intuitive to use with native like functionality for both iOS and Android
– Start conventional phone calls or send SMS from inside the app
– Search for fellow contacts by name, email, job title, department
Xreach Communicate Xreach Communicate

Designed for Business

– Separates work and personal communication
– Prevents employees sharing sensitive business information via consumer messaging systems
– The app can be branded with your organisation’s corporate name and colours
– The administration console allows system admins to authorise new users, delete old users, set Xreach Communicate App policies
– The system is installed in your data centre
– You own and manage your data

Communicate in Groups

– Authorised users can create groups to have Encrypted conference calls, group chats, distribute files or see colleagues online presence
– Users can create Favourite Users, Groups or Conversations to easily follow
– Users can choose to share their location with fellow Users or Groups

Highly Secure

Xreach Communicate operates securely using an Identity based encryption protocol which provides authentication, confidentiality, non-repudiation and perfect forward secrecy
All data is secured by the latest TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol supporting SP800-131A and FIPS 186-4 restrictions
Xreach Communicate is a closed system so only the intended user with the correct Encryption key can communicate with another user on the same system
Authorised users can remain anonymous by using a User ID to identify themselves rather than their phone number or email

Flexible Deployment

Xreach Communicate deployment options:

Installed in your data centre, delivered as a complete managed service with Handsets and MDM
Delivered as a standalone system on your existing corporate smartphones managed by your own MDM
Users install on their BYOD smartphones without an MDM

Download the Datasheet

Looking for a Secure Communication Platform for Governments? Look here. Xreach are on Twitter

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