Delivering leading industry standard offensive and defensive cyber best practice through assessment, consultancy and management services

Short Term

Immediate Response Teams Offering Cyber First Aid
Risk Assessing Any And All Areas Of Your Organisation
Actively Hunting Threats To Clean Your Organisation

Proactive Security

Defensive Security

Risk Assurance Coordinator/CISO service

Advise on Security Strategy, Policy and Risk with 24/7 Phone Hotline
Ensure existing IT Security tools are appropriately configured and utilised
Monitor and challenge 3rd party Security Service providers to ensure quality of service

Security Assessments

Bespoke for your business, covering all areas.

– Best Practice Benchmarking against industry standards such as ISO 27001
– Risk Assessment of the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your IT systems and assets
– Threat Assessment to identify and prioritise threats; human and system, external and internal, which may occur and cause damage to business or assets
– Prioritized Risk Register to score Identified risks and prioritise resolution
– Risk Treatment Plan to Accept, Avoid, Reduce or Transfer known Risk

eLearning Packages

Xreach has developed off the shelf Cyber Security eLearning packages to educate your employees about how to be safe online
– End User Training for how to work in a secure environment
– CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Accredited
– SCORM Compliant for LMS (Learning Management System) Integration
– Bespoke and Off-the-Shelf Training
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